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Reach more than 15 Million people online on more than 3000 websites and Apps

Using powerful targeting tools combining algorthim and big data to enhance Ad optimization

Get More From Our Platform

  • Realtime reporting & dashboard

  • Self-service campaign management

  • OS, browser, operator, device type, site targeting

  • Manual and auto optimisation, capping

  • Large screen display ads, native ads, video

  • Agency multi-client reporting

  • White label DSP solution

  • Performance management dashboard

  • Pay by credit card or Paypal

  • Multiple ad exchanges

  • More than 3,000 sites and apps integrated

  • Site packages

  • Data management platform (DMP) solution with local data

Campaign performance reporting  by sites

  • Track your campaign performance with unique Horizon DSP performance view. You can see performance by site and pause, include and exclude sites from your campaign based on the metrics you see in realtime.

  • Pixel based tracking integration can also help you track your conversions, CPA or CPI goals.

Ad formats

Native Ads

Video Ads

Click to Call

Poerfull & Interactive Rich-Media Ads with highest engagement rates

Multi-Level Targeting Capabilities

  • Target your campaigns by Country, Time of Day, Operating System, Browser, Mobile Carrier Targeting worldwide, Site/App and device type (feature phone, smartphone, tablet).

  • This is all available for all Ad formats.

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