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July 2019 we launched the first big 36O activation CAMPAIGN for  Dar Ceramica Center. It was the first time for them to launch a campaign of such magnitude. The management was a bit hesistant to do it considering by the time of execution majority of our team members were below 25 years of age.

But despite the odds, we managed to lauch and execute the most successful campaign for the record delivering 2 billion Instagram impressions, hundred thousand clicks to our client website and measurable ROI in terms of showroom walking-ins and actual turnover during and after activation days

According to statistics in Tz women share in digital literacy is less than 25%.. this is a limiting factor especially for today’s digital age..We established that we were going to help as much as we could. Our goal was to empower women to #digitalliteracy because digital literate women will make a considerable contribution on #sdgs2030.

Since March 2019 we have trained over 350 business women in association with UN Women Tanzania, TABWA and other women groups. Our students are now able to run or supervise tangible digital marketing campaigns with proven return on investments.


Agriculture is Tanzania's economic mainstay, contributing USD 13.9bn to its GDP (nearly 30%) and 67% to total employment during 2014. Agricultural land in Tanzania was last measured at 396, in 2013 (45% of total land area) versus 369, in 2008, representing an increase of 7% over the 5–year period.

But despite its major contribution in the economy its value chain faces a lot more difficulties so our client decided he was going to build an app that could speak to every other stakeholder and connect them in th way it was never done before. So we built OnehekaAPP.

With OneHeka farmers as remotely as they can be they can still trade with interested buyers globally.

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