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7 Digital Marketing Trends to Expect For 2022


As we’ve quickly learned how to adjust and live with Covid, it is fair to say that 2022 is post Covid. This year, we're taking what was useful during the pandemic and finding new ways to advance that to our strengths. So what are the 7 highlighted things that I think we should expect to see from marketers this year 2022?

1. The Rise Of Interactive Content

Buyers are becoming more and more independent in their journey. So, as marketers, we need to take this into consideration and make things concise for the users to go through in our platforms. Businesses might have to put more time and effort into keeping the prospect engaged and helping them find what they are really looking for, So expect the rise of interactive content 2022.

2. More Long-Term Influencer-Brand Relationships

We’re likely to see an increase in long-term influencer-brand relationships, with creators taking on a variety of brand ambassador roles and an overall shift toward always-on programming, as opposed to one-time deals. Brands will have the opportunity to build more authentic connections with their audiences through longer-running programs that leverage influencer expertise and credibility over time. When incorporating an influencer strategy into your overall marketing plan, it’s vital to understand that beyond the sheer amount of eyeballs you’re gaining access to, the main commodity you’re trading is trust. When influencers lend you their audience for a product endorsement, they’re pedaling the good faith of their followers, and vice versa for your product.

There is a lot of distrust among the public when it comes to who they are getting their information from. Influencers have built trust with their audience over a long period of time. Therefore, their audience knows that when their favorite influencer backs a service or product, it’s legit. Companies need to take bigger advantage of this moving forward.

3. ‘Doing Digital Right’