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How does the hashtag strategy work on Instagram?

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Including relevant and right Instagram hashtags on the content generates higher engagement rates on your profile. Using hashtags on the posts helps in categorizing the content and make it discoverable for the users.

The more your post appears on the explore page, the higher your engagement rates will be. Basically, hashtags are an innovative and exclusive way to attract more followers, get more likes and comments as well as increase traffic on the websites.

Including reasonable keywords is a part of an efficient marketing strategy. The combination of quality content and relevant hashtags grabs the eyeball of the audience, which is appreciated by them and it gives them a good reason to follow you.

Using the most trending hashtags is a benefit for any brand and it helps your business to rise on the top. However, while creating posts, most of the experts face a dilemma that what are the trending hashtags and what they should apply. Well, this all depends upon your brand as well as the type of content you are sharing, the #tags you want to apply on the post entirely depends on the space on which your business operates. There are dozens of popular keywords you can find on the internet that can help you in making your own unique hashtags. Likely, it will get you a number of extra likes, comments, and quality followers on your page.

Using irrelevant hashtags can create confusion on the minds of your audience and build a bad image of your brand. Instagram sets a limit of 30 hashtags for each post so that can make less use of unnecessary hashtags.

You can also take the help of Instagram search function, here you just need to search by a keyword that is related to your brand and you will get a list full of hashtags with your searched keyword. Experimenting with these popular hashtags will help you in finding a sweet spot for your brand.

Above is a sample of a post i made a while ago about AI and went reaching over 5k accounts delivering over 500 likes and over 30 experts comments.

If you need simplified a go to strategy that deploys relevant tags for your industry just write direct to me and i will be happy to help you.

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