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Isuzu Plans On Evaluating All Their Existing Vehicles In Tanzania

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Having recently launched in Tanzania, Isuzu together with Al Mansour Tanzania a 100% subsidiary of MAC Trading FZE is planning on holding a free checkup service for 6 days in order to monitor vehicles’ progress, current states and educate drivers regarding the best ways to take care of their vehicles.

Isuzu is one of the oldest Japanese vehicle manufacturing companies in the world. With more than 100 years of commercial vehicle manufacturing. Isuzu is now the world’s largest diesel vehicle manufacturer, reaching vehicle sales to over 120 markets around the globe with manufacturing operations in over 30 countries.

"Isuzu Tanzania sells 30, 18, 15, 9 and 4 ton commercial vehicles and single & double cabin pick up trucks at 0 mileage. All trucks that Isuzu sell are specially made for the rough terrain environment. Many imported commercial vehicles in the country get a lot of wear and tear during operations because imported vehicles that come from overseas aren’t made for Tanzanian roads. Isuzu trucks are made to withstand the wear and tear during operations- making it easy to work at no significant costs after purchase. Additionally, Isuzu has its own internationally standardized garage with professionally trained personnel that repair vehicles efficiently and timely because Isuzu together with Al Mansour offers spare parts at factory prices." Says Mr. Anurup Chatterjee, Operations Manager at Al Mansour Auto EA.

“On January 14th, Isuzu in partnership with Al Mansour Auto EA, opened its doors to Tanzania. We assured everyone that Isuzu is going to be here for a long time. Our way of business is very customer oriented. We prioritize our communication with our customers even after purchase. That is why from the 21st – 26th of June, we are going to welcome all our current Isuzu customers (anyone with an Isuzu vehicle) to bring their vehicles to our headquarters for a free inspection.“ Continued Mr. Chatterjee

“Isuzu in partnership with Al Mansour Auto EA, is set to launch a groundbreaking 6 day free car check up and maintenance promotion at our HeadQuarters in Kipawa. The Isuzu HeadQuarters is located at Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere Road, Opposite JNIA Terminal 3. We will also be offering free road safety training to drivers where they will receive accredited certification.” Added Mr. Chatterjee.

Isuzu together with Al Mansour Auto EA aims to regain the trust of current and potential customers by providing quality vehicles together with top customer service before, during and after purchase. Isuzu assuresits customers 3 things: Durability, Reliability and Credibility. The upcoming event will signify these three key principles that Isuzu is instilling to their customers. Down the road, Isuzu plans to expand their operations, and if all goes accordingly, we might witness the first vehicle production plant in Tanzania.

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