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The Effects Of Macro And Micro Influencers’ Posts On A Brand’s Page On Social Media

As technology rapidly advances, customers have become more active and participative, not only in purchasing goods and services, but also activities that are promoted by brands. Social Media has encouraged companies to get involved through direct and indirect communication. It’s a continuous struggle for brands to find new ways to improve their consumer engagement through the social media.

There are many reasons why it’s important for companies to open social media pages being, understanding how they can improve their interaction with their target market (online community), and through customer involvement, brands create emotions and relationships with customers. What better way to engage with online followers other than creating concise attractive audiovisual content?

The use of celebrity endorsement is recognized as a powerful communication tool for brand marketers. The public is fascinated by famous people/celebrities to the point that they may consider them as role models. Through partnering up with media opinion leaders, also referred to as influencers, both individuals and organizations have reaped massive benefits through the social media. Some macro influencers get paid millions for posting partnered content on their social media pages.

In the world of online influence, there are two groups of people: An influencer/macro celebrity (One person with 250k followers+), and micro influencers (A group of people with a following ranging from 2-10k followers). Micro influencers/ micro celebrities are online opinion leaders with a small number of followers. They may usually maintain a real relationship with their audience and express themselves in a personal way. On the other hand, celebrities are well known and considered as endorsers who are capable of drawing large online audiences because of their work and luxurious lifestyles.

Celebrities are considered as powerful influencers because studies have proven that they’re able to motivate the consumers’ attitudes, decision-making and buying behaviors. Online followers are easily influenced because they trust celebrities whether it’s promoted products or social causes. Studies have shown that a chosen celebrity's posts attract more followers to the brand's page, when compared to the micro influencers’ publications. However, the latter generates more clicks, comments and likes, thereby increasing the consumer-brand engagement through social media

The credibility of the source depends on three factors: expertise, reliability and friendliness. Expertise shows the communicator’s ability to support the content that’s transmitted through advertising. Reliability is related to the communicator’s neutrality and honesty, and friendliness describes the attractiveness of the source. To gain a broad and loyal following, macro celebrities create interesting and engaging content. As a result, the content becomes very popular, particularly among younger individuals who are increasingly following them through different social media platforms, resulting an increase in following.

Micro influencers have it slightly different than macro influencers because they facilitate communication a bit further more into detail than the macro celebrities. Micro influencers create real relationships with their audience and express themselves more personally than most conventional celebrities. You could say that micro celebrities act like what a telephone customer care representative would do. Despite micro influencers having few followers than macro influencers, micro influencers tend to engage in a two-way model communication. Additionally, Micro influencers have an organic following that share mutual interests, so the content generated by the micro influencers will always interest majority of their online following. As Macro influencers are focused on general digital advertisements, micro influencers attract more candid and detailed content with the will to interact with enquirers.

To sum it up, many businesses are partnering with digital influencers, including celebrities or micro influencers in order to raise awareness about products, increase sales and at the same time improve customer brand engagement. Are you looking for new ways to boost online consumer engagement? Look no further.

Horizon Digital Network has created a digital platform that lets companies engage with Macro and Micro influencers allowing customers to interact with their favorite brands and exchange information much easier. It’s literally like being able to ask an advertisement questions and get immediate feedback. Do you have a social media page ranging from 2-10k followers? Well I’d like to inform you that you’re a micro influencer and you can start making money today by signing up on our platform. Having any doubts? Don’t worry, even Kim Kardashian started with a small following. Get involved today!

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