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The Effects Of Macro And Micro Influencers’ Posts On A Brand’s Page On Social Media

As technology rapidly advances, customers have become more active and participative, not only in purchasing goods and services, but also activities that are promoted by brands. Social Media has encouraged companies to get involved through direct and indirect communication. It’s a continuous struggle for brands to find new ways to improve their consumer engagement through the social media.

There are many reasons why it’s important for companies to open social media pages being, understanding how they can improve their interaction with their target market (online community), and through customer involvement, brands create emotions and relationships with customers. What better way to engage with online followers other than creating concise attractive audiovisual content?

The use of celebrity endorsement is recognized as a powerful communication tool for brand marketers. The public is fascinated by famous people/celebrities to the point that they may consider them as role models. Through partnering up with media opinion leaders, also referred to as in